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South Routt Medical Center is seeking master planning and feasibility study proposals for a  building expansion project. Interested vendors should submit their proposal response at our BidNet site here: Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System If as a vendor you are not registered with BidNet, you can find more information and register here.

Formal proposals must be received by Wednesday, February 14, 2024 at 12:00 Noon.  Proposals will be reviewed by the South Routt Medical Center Procurement  Selection Team.

Vendors are required to provide as much detail as possible in this proposal regarding  scope of services, their qualifications and experience.  South Routt Medical Center will utilize evaluation and selection criteria, based on the South Routt Medical Center’s standard procurement process, to award a contract to a responsive, responsible, highly qualified vendor. The SOUTH ROUTT MEDICAL CENTER reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or to accept any proposal considered most advantageous.

Copies of the Request for Proposals are available electronically at www.southrouttmedical.com. Please direct all inquiries to Ken Rogers at 970-736-8118 or ken@southrouttmedical.com


South Routt Medical Center (SRMC) is requesting proposals from qualified, professional consultants for a Master Plan to determine short and long-term growth plans of SRMC to meet the needs of its population for 5 years and 10 years into the future as well as providing a Feasibility Study that will evaluate the financial impact and business model for expanding SRMC. The  consultant shall provide public, stakeholder and policymaker engagement, necessary  assessment, recommendations, cost estimates, and pro forma information, which  will enable SRMC to move forward in decision-making on building expansion and how it might align with its overall master plan. The selected consultant will review existing healthcare assessments and population demographics and conduct surveys and community outreach to determine the appropriate services, resouces required for these services, subsequent payer mix and propose recommendations for the Building Expansion Project.


SRMC is a non-profit public health service district whose mission is to improve the quality of life for all South Routt and surrounding area residents by providing comprehensive health resources and creating an environment that supports community wellness. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to achieve their best health. Every day, we partner with individuals in our clinic and in the community because healthy people and families create a healthy community.

SRMC owns and operates a rural healthcare facility in Oak Creek, CO. The vision for the property is to expand facilities to accommodate the current demand for healthcare and plan for any future needs.  The current building was designed to accommodate approximately 2300-2900 patients per year however in 2023 the clinic is expected to see over 8500 patients through the facility. If the current location may not adequately meet the needs as determined by the  Master Plan and Feasibility Study, alternative locations should be included. The goals of the expansion project are as follows:

  • Expand the square footage to accommodate the current and future patient demand,
  • Attract new patients from the community and surrounding area, and
  • Provide opportunities for additional services (eg. primary care and specialty care).

The expansion project should align with the recently adopted Transition Action Plan by the Town of Oak Creek. That plan can be found here: https://southrouttmedical.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/Oak-Creek-Transition-Action-Plan.pdf


This section summarizes the services to be provided to SRMC in this RFP. SRMC requires a comprehensive feasibility study and master plan to be  designed with options that fit the goals of the Building Expansion. Categories of the study include but are not limited to a pro forma, capital expenditure estimates, funding options, and partnership options for each feasible option. The consultant proposal shall  define, in detail, the approach to be used in the above categories.  A cost estimate for completing the entire project including a lump sum dollar figure for all consultant and sub-consultant services, fees, and charges as well as document and graphics preparation, reproduction and delivery, and all reimbursables is an important component to the submission.

  1. Initial Assessment and Research

Review of all existing needs assessments and reports in order to gain a base knowledge of the needs of the population in South Routt County and the surrounding area. Conduct further assessment as needed, including stakeholder, policymaker and community interviews.  A report of this initial assessment and research shall be submitted in a mutually agreed upon timeframe during the contract period. The report is essential to understand how best to meet the goals of the Building Expansion Project and create viable options and phases of each option.

  1. Master Plan: The master plan will serve as a roadmap for the development and evolution of SRMC, guiding decision-making processes and ensuring alignment with the healthcare center’s strategic objectives and community needs.
  2. Goals of the Master Plan:
    1. Assist SRMC with developing a short- and long-term visioning
    2. Define the community that SRMC serves and the range of healthcare services that the center intends to provide to meet immediate and future needs of the community.
  • Align goals with the economic development priorities of the South Routt community including the Town of Oak Creek and Town of Yampa by evaluating job creation
  1. Summarize the results of community, stakeholder and policymaker engagement performed in phase 1: initial assessment and research to understand market demand.
  2. Assist SRMC with identifying and defining future expansion projects that will meet the community’s needs 5 and 10 years into the future.


  1. Feasibility Study: The feasibility study will serve as the blueprint for the SRMC’s expansion project(s), answers the question of what the expansion looks like, and includes, but is not limited to, the following sections:


  1. Pro Forma

Create 3-5 year Pro Formas for the viable options identified in the Master Plan. The Pro Forma will include all considerations of projected revenues and estimated expenses of the expansion  project(s). Expenses will include, at a minimum, staff and staff-related expenses, facility and maintenance expenses, other non-payroll expenses, including depreciation, and consideration of any loans of the project. Projected revenues will include any applicable service revenues, and what the payer mix might look like. Pro formas for each feasible option shall be submitted in a mutually agreed upon timeframe during the contract period.

  1. Capital and Non-Capital Expenditures

Estimate capital and non-capital expenditures of each viable option and phases of the the Building Expansion including, but not limited to, materials and labor, necessary consultant and vendors such as project manager, architect, engineering, and all general contractor expenses. This is also to include estimated timeframes for the project(s).  A capital schedule for each feasible option shall be submitted in a mutually agreed upon timeframe during the contract period.

  1. Funding Options

As a non-profit public health service district, we need to understand what funding options are available to us to  support capital and non-capital expenditures listed above including, but not limited  to government support, grant support, and low-cost or subsidized loans.

  1. Site Evaluation

As part of the feasibility study, evaluate if the current location of SRMC is large enough to support the identified short-term building expansion. If not, outline the necessary site parameters or alternatives to support short- and long-term growth.

  1. Partnership Options

Identify  any partnerships  that benefit SRMC in the ongoing operation and sustainability of its operations. An assessment of those partnerships shall be included in the final report.

  1. Final Report and Recommendations

A final report is to be prepared that synthesizes all components. This report will be presented to SRMC’s  Board of Directors and lead personnel, in a shareable electronic version no less than two weeks prior to any such presentation. The report will be submitted to ken@southrouttmedical.com or as otherwise directed by SRMC in writing.

  1. The contract to be awarded does not obligate SRMC to purchase any further services from the chosen Consultant or obligate SRMC to carry out any recommendation presented.



SRMC is asking firms to make proposals based on the services required with costs associated to complete the work.  Submittals shall align with the following schedule and submission requirements: 

Due Date Item
January 9, 2024 RFP Posted and Distributed
January 26, 2024 Final date for applicants to submit questions/clarifications
February 14, 2024 RFP Submissions closed
February 24, 2024 Final date for SRMC to submit questions/clarifications to applicants
March 8, 2024 Applicant selected. All applicants notified



SRMC requests that the proposal submitted address the  subjects with specificity in a clear and concise format. The proposal is expected to include all relevant content, and descriptions of approach(es) to the project and its components. Due to the nature of this proposal, it is requested that each proposal be brief and to the point. Each proposal shall provide the following information:

  1. Letter of Transmittal: The letter of transmittal must contain the following statements and information:
    1. Company name, address, telephone number(s), and website.
    2. Name, title, email address, and telephone number of the person(s) to contact and who are authorized to represent the firm and to whom correspondence should be directed.
    3. The letter should signed by a corporate officer or person authorized to bind the Consultant’s firm to the proposal and cost schedule for 90 days.
    4. A brief statement of your understanding of the services to be performed, detailed approach to the Master Plan and Feasibility Study and how you intend to make a positive commitment to provide services as specified.
  1. Profile:
    1. The submittal shall include a full explanation of qualifications for the individuals and companies that would be working on the project. A summary of qualifications should include at a minimum:
      1. Consultant team organizational profile including background and experience of the team and the primary staff members who are proposed to work directly on the project. Listing of company name for any sub-consultants and the addresses of their office locations along with contact information.  List key projects the project team has worked on in the past five years that are of similar type and magnitude particular in public sector healthcare and include reference contact information.
      2. Current resume of Project Manager that outlines experience related to managing and facilitating the project as described above. Specific examples should be included of similar projects, e.g., including specific knowledge and experience of healthcare facilities, rural health, healthcare payment models, project funding sources, and financial analysis, which were facilitated by the Project Manager including references and their contact information.
  • Expected number of hours per week each individual will be specifically dedicated to this project during the project. Please note if the SRMC awards a contract, it will preclude changes in personnel.
  1. Explanation of any contract termination for default or other incident in the past five years. Termination for default is defined as notice to stop services for non-performance or poor performance, and whether the issue was either litigated or not litigated. If default occurred, list name, address, and telephone number of the party. If NO such termination occurred for default, declare it. The SRMC will evaluate the facts, and may, at its sole discretion, reject the firm’s proposal.
  2. Proposed Approach/Scope

Description of the approach the firm will use in providing the services requested.  Description of how the firm is positioned to provide the services requested and complete the project including how the firm will be able to collect and verify date in a timely fashion.  Describe particular challenges which you foresee this project presenting and your approach for addressing these challenges including those beyond the scope outlined herein that may be of interest to SRMC.  Describe your approach to public, stakeholder and policymaker involvement and innovation.  Include a proposal summary and include why the firm is pursuing the work and how it is uniquely qualified to perform the services.

  1. Agreement for Professional Services Language

The vendor shall submit any proposed changes sought to the sample Agreement for Professional Services attached as Exhibit A hereto.

  1. Cost of Services
    1. The Consultant shall provide a cost estimate for completing the entire project including a lump sum dollar figure for all consultant and sub-consultant services, fees, and charges as well as document and graphics preparation, reproduction, and delivery. Separately break out and show all associated reimbursable costs for providing these services, e.g. office space, phone, travel, reproduction, etc.  The budget should include all anticipated costs.
    2. Provide an itemized list and your proposed cost (either lump sum or hourly rate) for optional services that may be of benefit to the SRMC but are not identified in this RFP.


 The Selection Committee, appointed by the South Routt Medical Center District Manager, will review the firms’ qualifications. From this review, an evaluation and selection process will be completed using the following criteria as benchmarks for making a recommendation for award. The District Manager will award the contract.  The criteria are shown below:

  1. Approach and Methodology
  2. Knowledge and understanding of community need, healthcare facilities, rural health, healthcare expansion projects,, funding landscape
  3. Experience/Past Performance of the Firm
  4. Project Staffing and Experience
  5. Satisfaction of Clients/End Users
  6. Pricing
  7. Knowledge/experience in cost and price analysis and estimating

A rating system will be used to evaluate the proposals. The award of the contract will be made to the firm whose proposal receives a favorable evaluation, recommendation of the Selection Committee, and approval of the  District Manager.


  1. SRMC is open to suggestions other than those listed in this proposal which consultants believe would be of value to producing the best product for SRMC.
  2. The SRMC reserves the right to reject any or all proposals for failure to meet the requirements contained herein, to waive any technicalities, and to select the proposal which, in the SRMC’s sole judgment, best meets the requirements of the program.
  3. The RFP creates no obligation on the part of the SRMC to award a contract or to compensate the proposer for any costs incurred during proposal presentation, response, submission, presentation, or oral interviews. The SRMC reserves the right to award a contract based on proposals received without further discussion or negotiation. Proposers should not rely upon the opportunity to alter their qualifications during any discussions. SRMC further reserves the right to make such investigation as it deems necessary, to determine  the capability of the firms to furnish required services, and firms shall furnish all  such information for this purpose as the SRMC may
  4. All proposals received shall become the property of SRMC. All proposals shall become a public record and shall be regarded as public records except for those parts of each proposal which are defined by the proposer as business or trade secrets, provided that such parts are clearly marked as “trade secret”, “confidential”, or “proprietary”.
  5. All requests from firms for additional information must be made in writing (includes email), and all responses provided will be made available to all proposers at the discretion  of the SRMC.
  6. Service Contract Requirements:

The selected consultant(s) will be responsible for maintaining the level and type of insurance, employment practices, and other details established by the South Routt Medical Health Services District Professional Services Agreement.  A sample South Routt Medical Health Services District Professional Services Agreement is attached hereto as Exhibit A.


This AGREEMENT FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES (“Agreement”) is made effective the            day of                                       , 2024 between the SOUTH ROUTT MEDICAL HEALTH SERVICES DISTRICT, a Colorado special service district (“SRMC”), by and through its Board of Directors (“Board”), and                                                                          (“Consultant”).


  1. Scope of Agreement. Consultant agrees to perform the work described in the attached Exhibit A related to the SRMC’s Master Plan & Building Expansion Feasibility Study and Exhibit B entitled “Cost of Services” which were submitted by Consultant as part of its proposal.
  2. Compensation and Payment.  As consideration for the work to be performed by Consultant hereunder, SRMC agrees to pay to Consultant an amount not to exceed a total of $                                                  .  The compensation to be paid to Consultant shall be paid upon monthly invoicing.

Such billings shall be submitted to the SRMC for review and approval and shall segregate reimbursable costs from charges for professional services and, upon request Consultant shall provide SRMC with such other supporting information as SRMC may request. receipt of an invoice delivered by Consultant.  SRMC shall pay all properly submitted invoices within thirty (30) days after receipt of each such invoice and any supporting information requested by SRMC.  All billings shall include the Consultant’s taxpayer identification number.

  1. Term and Renewal.  This Agreement shall be effective as of the date of its execution by both parties and shall extend for a one-year period, with the option to renew in   additional one-year periods, unless earlier terminated pursuant to paragraph 13, subject to and conditioned upon annual budgeting by the SRMC for Consultant’s services pursuant to Section 10, below. Should the SRMC fail to budget for Consultant’s services in any budget year, then this Agreement shall not renew and shall automatically terminate. This Agreement may also be terminated at any time pursuant to Section 13, below.


  1. Non-Exclusive.  This Agreement shall not be deemed to be an exclusive agreement.  From time to time, the SRMC, at its sole discretion, may contract with firms other than the Consultant to provide services similar to or related to those offered by the Consultant.


  1. Ownership of Work, Data and Final Product.   All work, reports, designs, data or other work product that is produced and finalized by Consultant for this Project will be transferred to SRMC at the end of the contract including all renderings, AutoCAD files, images, or any data that is finalized by Consultant for the SRMC.   Such information shall belong to the SRMC, and Consultant shall not use any part thereof for purposes other than the Project without the written consent of SRMC.


  1. Status.  Consultant is an independent Consultant and shall not be considered an employee of the SRMC for any purpose.


  1. Standard of Care.  The standard of care applicable to Consultant’s services will be in accord with a manner that is consistent with the level of care and skill exercised by professionals in the same discipline practicing in Colorado. Consultant will re-perform any services not meeting this standard without additional compensation.


  1. Indemnity.  Consultant shall hold harmless and indemnify the SRMC from and against any damages awarded against the SRMC, or incurred by the SRMC in defense of any claim (including reasonable attorneys’ fees, costs or expert witness fees), Consultant’s or its sub-consultants, and their respective officers, employees and agents’ performance of its obligations under this Contract.


  1. Insurance.  Consultant and any sub-consultants shall maintain workers’ compensation, automotive liability, and general liability insurance coverage with at least the following minimum limits: General Liability – $1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 Aggregate; Automobile – $1,000,000 combined single limit, with a Hired & Non-owned Auto clause; Workers Compensation — Colorado State Statutory Limits.  The SRMC and its employees shall be named as an Additional Insured under the general liability policy, which shall specifically insure Consultant’s indemnity obligations pursuant to the preceding Section 8, above. Every policy required above shall be primary insurance, shall contain a waiver of subrogation provision against the SRMC and its, officers, employees and agents, and any insurance carried by the SRMC, its officers, or employees, or agents shall be excess and not contributory insurance to that provided by the Consultant. The Additional Insured endorsement shall not contain exclusion for bodily injury or property damage arising from completed operations. The Consultant shall be solely responsible for any deductible losses under each of the policies required above. Certificates of Insurance shall be completed by the Consultant’s insurance agent as evidence that policies providing the required coverages, conditions, and minimum limits are in full force and effect, and shall be subject to review and approval by the SRMC. Each certificate shall provide that the coverages afforded under the policies shall not be canceled, terminated or materially changed until at least thirty (30) days prior written notice has been given to the SRMC. If the words “endeavor to” appear in the portion of the certificate addressing cancellation, those words shall be stricken from the certificate by the agent(s) completing the certificate. The SRMC reserves the right to request and receive a certified copy of any policy and any endorsement thereto. Failure on the part of the Consultant to procure or maintain policies providing the required coverages, conditions and minimum limits shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement upon which the SRMC may immediately terminate the Agreement, or at its discretion may procure or renew any such policy or an extended reporting period thereto and may pay any and all premiums in connection therewith, and all monies so paid by the SRMC shall be repaid by Consultant upon demand, or the SRMC may offset the cost of the premiums against any monies due to Consultant from the SRMC. The parties hereto understand and agree that the SRMC is relying on, and does not waive or intend to waive by any provision of this Agreement, the monetary limitations or any other rights immunities and protections provided by the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act, Sections 24-10-101 et seq., C.R.S., as from time to time amended, or otherwise available to the SRMC, its officers or employees.


  1. Governmental Immunity/TABOR. Nothing herein shall be interpreted as a waiver of governmental immunity, to which the SRMC would otherwise be entitled under § 24-10-101, et seq., C.R.S., as amended. This contract is also contingent upon annual budgeting by the SRMC of Yampa and nothing in this contract shall be construed as a multi-year financial obligation of the SRMC.


  1. Immigration Compliance.  The Consultant shall not knowingly employ or contract with an illegal alien to perform work under this contract nor contract with any subconsultant that fails to certify to the consultant that the subconsultant shall not knowingly employ or contract with an illegal alien to perform work under this contract.


The Consultant has verified or attempted to verify through participation in the E-Verify Program that the Consultant does not employ any illegal aliens. (For the purpose of this paragraph, “E-Verify Program” is defined to mean the employment verification program created in Public Law 208, 104th Congress, as amended, and expanded in Public Law 156, 108th Congress, as amended, that is administered by the United States Department of Homeland Security). If the Consultant is not accepted into the E-Verify Program prior to executing this contract, the Consultant shall apply to participate in the E-Verify Program every three months until the consultant is accepted or this contract has been completed, whichever is earlier. The Consultant shall not use the E-Verify Program procedures to undertake pre-employment screening of job applicants while this contract is being performed. This paragraph shall not be effective if the E-Verify Program is discontinued.


If the Consultant obtains actual knowledge that a subconsultant performing work under this contract knowingly employs or contracts with an illegal alien, the consultant shall notify the subconsultant and the SRMC within three days that the Consultant has actual knowledge that the subconsultant is employing or contracting with an illegal alien; and terminate the subcontract with the subconsultant if within three days of receiving the notice required pursuant to this paragraph, the subconsultant does not stop employing or contracting with the illegal alien. The Consultant shall not terminate the contract with the subconsultant if during such three days the subconsultant provides information to establish that the subconsultant has not knowingly employed or contracted with an illegal alien.

The Consultant shall also comply with any reasonable request by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment made in the course of an investigation that the department is undertaking pursuant to C.R.S. 8-17.5-102(2).

  1. Personnel, Employees, SubConsultants and Assignees.  The providing of professional services required under paragraph 1 of this Agreement shall be the responsibility of Consultant.  Consultant understands that in retaining Consultant, SRMC is relying primarily upon the expertise and personal abilities of                                              .  This Agreement is conditioned upon the continuing direct personal involvement of                                            in the Project.  SRMC understands that others may work on portions of the Project.  However, those employees or subConsultants shall be under the direct supervision of                                               .  In the event that                                                             , for any reason, is unable to remain involved in the Project, or in the event that                                                           ceases to be involved in the Project as planned, Consultant shall immediately advise SRMC of such fact and SRMC shall have the option to terminate this Agreement.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, however, this Agreement shall not be assigned by Consultant to a third party without the prior express written consent of the SRMC.


  1. SRMC may terminate this Agreement at any time during the Term of this Agreement upon ten (10) days’ written notice to Consultant without cause; provided, however, that within thirty (30) days following such termination Consultant shall render a final billing for work completed and expenses incurred to the date of termination which shall be paid by SRMC in accordance with Paragraph 2 hereof. In the event that SRMC fails to pay any billing by Consultant for work hereunder when due, then upon ten (10) days’ written notice to SRMC of such delinquency and the failure of SRMC to pay all amounts then due to Consultant within such ten (10) day period, Consultant may, at its election cease work hereunder and terminate this Agreement by giving a written notice to SRMC advising of such election.  Such written notice of Consultant’s election to terminate this Agreement may, but need not, be included in the notice of delinquency required hereunder.  In such case such notice of the election to terminate shall be stated in the conditional form that the Agreement shall be terminated if payment is not received within the ten (10) day period provided for payment of any delinquency.


  1. Agreement Administration and Notice.  For purposes of administering this Agreement, the Board hereby appoints the SRMC Administrator/Clerk to represent the SRMC in carrying out the purposes and intent of this Agreement.  Any notices required to be given pursuant to this Agreement shall be delivered as follows:


To the SRMC:             Ken Rogers, District Manager

South Routt Medical Center

PO Box 8

300 E Main St

Oak Creek, CO 80467-0008



Copy to:                      [SRMC Attorney]



To the Consultant:



Notices personally served or emailed shall be deemed served on the date of delivery.  Notices mailed shall be deemed served the next business day following the date of mailing if mailed in the State of Colorado otherwise on the date which is two (2) business days following the date of mailing.


  1. Responsibilities.  Consultant shall be responsible for all damages to persons or property caused by the Consultant, its agents, employees or sub consultants, to the extent caused by its negligent acts, errors and omissions hereunder.


  1. Confidentiality.  Consultant acknowledges that it may receive confidential information from SRMC in connection with the Project or, as part of the Project, develop such information.  Consultant shall take all precautions necessary to maintain and protect the confidentiality of any such information and to ensure that it shall be used only for the purposes of the Project.


  1. Entire Agreement.  This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties.  The provisions of this Agreement may be amended at any time by the written mutual consent of both parties.  The parties shall not be bound by any other agreements, either written or oral, except as set forth in this Agreement.


  1. Counterparts:  This Agreement may be executed in any number of counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original, and which together shall constitute a single instrument.


  1. Governing Law.  The laws of the State of Colorado shall govern the validity, performance and enforcement of this Agreement.  Exclusive venue for any action instituted pursuant to this agreement shall lie in Routt County, Colorado.


  1. Force Majeure.  Consultant shall not be responsible for any time delays caused by labor disputes, fire, unusual delay in deliveries, unavoidable casualties or other causes beyond the Consultant’s control.


  1. Authority.  Each person signing this Agreement represents and warrants that said person is fully authorized to enter into and execute this Agreement and to bind the party it represents to the terms and conditions hereof.


  1. Attorneys’ Fees.  Should this Agreement become the subject of litigation between the SRMC and Consultant, the substantially prevailing party shall be entitled to recovery of reasonable costs, expert witness fees and attorney fees incurred in connection with such litigation. All rights concerning remedies and/or attorneys’ fees shall survive any termination of this Agreement.





IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have hereunto set their hands this _____ day of ____________________, 2024.



a Colorado special service district



By: _________________________________

ATTEST:                                                               Ken Rogers, District Manager














Exhibit A



The Scope of this Agreement for Professional Services is planned to consist of the types of tasks listed in the attached RFP and RFP Response from the Consultant. Specific direction will be provided by the SRMC prior to the execution of each task. Miscellaneous tasks directed by the SRMC will be performed under this Agreement on the basis of time and expenses not to exceed a cumulative total pre-authorized by the SRMC Manager.




JANUARY 31, 2024


All proposals will be submitted via our BidNet page that can be found here:

Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System. If you are not already registered as a Vendor with BidNet, you can find more information and register here.

The RFP timeline has been revised. Please note the new dates:

Due Date Item
January 9, 2024 RFP Posted and Distributed
February 9, 2024 Final date for applicants to submit questions/clarifications
February 28, 2024 RFP Submissions closed
March 6, 2024 Final date for SRMC to submit questions/clarifications to applicants
March 22, 2024 Applicant selected. All applicants notified



Exhibit B


Download Full RFP Here (PDF)

Download Timeline and Submission Addendum Here (PDF)